Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Click,17 killed in a drive by shooting, click abortion is at an altime high click, gay marriage on the rise click.

O America ,where have you gone? Land of the free? home of the brave? Human life use to be valued. But now it is taken. Not only from the old but also from the young. Freedom of speech, some would have me be silent. Freedom to worship but only if it agrees to those around me in my community. Our soldiers are beeing mocked, our flag is being laughed at. If you turn on the TV it will tell you that, America is gone. Replaced by a more agreeable country.

As I walk down the steet I stop, looking at a young man in uniform, standing outside a recruting office. Sir why are you here I ask? I am here to fight for my family, my wife and my small son. To ensure to them the same freedoms that I used to take for granted.I am fighting an enemy who stands for everything evil. I am here to make sure that my son will have a chance to experience freedom.

As I walk down the street I am stopped by a demonstration. "Be a voice for those who have none" "Stop abortion". They are marching so those little ones will have a chance at life. I feel a tug on my sleeve I look down into the face of a small girl. Looking down into her small face she looks up at me and said " they wanted me to die.They said that I would be a burden. But somebody took the time to talk to my mother, somebody carred enough to take the time so that I could be here today. "

Still pondering her words I continue down the street only to see a church. I duck inside the doors to get out of the heat. At the front of the church is a little old lady sitting on the front pew. I walk down the isle and sit beside her. She looks over at me with tears in her eyes. I believe in the power of prayer, I believe that if Gods people will call out to Him then He will hear their prayers.

Some would tell you that America is gone. But I still see her. Every now and then. I saw her in the soldier fighting for freedom, I saw her in that little girl standing out in the heat so that others could hear her story, I see her in that little old lady, praying for America and her healing.

America is at a hard place. We need to acknowledge God and His sovereignty. We need to stand up for what is right and fight for the freedom that God has given us.

So as for me I will live my life so that maybe somebody will see a little bit of America in me.

God Bless America. The land of the free and the home of the brave.

Stand up America, stand up for life and liberty. Acknowledge your weaknesses and accept God's strength.


  1. Wow Rachel! Very thought-provoking and very true. "Acknowlege your weaknesses and accept God's strength." This is so true in our lives. We cannot just stop with our weakness. We must also accept God's overcoming strength and power.

    Love you!

  2. Wow, I agree with Julie. Thanks Rachel!


  3. Great post Rachel! Thank you for writing it:)
    Love you!


  4. So true, Rachel!!!
    Love and prayers for your week,