Tuesday, June 23, 2009

To God be the glory

To God be the glory

The other day I had the amazing privilage of leading a 9 year old girl to the Lord.
I have been praying for this young lady for 3 years and the other day my prayers where answered. If there is a more amazing feeling than showing someone how to be saved than I do not know of one. Our God is an amazing God.

I was thinking the other day of the amazing grace that God has shown me. Logicaly I should be left on my own. I did not deserve any love or grace. But God chose to come and die for me. The love that He has shown me is one that I want to share with the world. On my own I am nothing but with Christ I am everything. And yes I may make mistakes and yes I will fall but no I am not alone.

God thank you. Thank you for coming and bleeding and dying for me but most of all thank you for rising again. I am so unworthy of your love and mercy. But by youor grace I am now free.
And I want show others your love.
Take my life and let it be holy and consecrated Lord to thee.
And so I am going to saw to God be the glory.


  1. Rachel... I love you!!!
    No, you are NEVER alone...
    ... Love you infinity, kid!

  2. That is amazing Rachel!

    I love you so much and I know that God will continue to do great things in you! <3

  3. Praise the Lord!

    I love you, my dear friend!!!

  4. That is wonderful, Rachel! God answers prayers!

    Love you, girl!