Saturday, May 9, 2009

Is it worth it

Graduation Day is only a week away for me. And I am so excited. Things are going great people are coming the decorations are just right and I am one happy camper.That was how my day was going until around 7:30 pm . I had been feeling like everything was going great sure their was a few things that had happened earlier that made me upset and a little sad/mad but overall I thought I was feeling fine.Then I got the call informing me that a certain situation wasnt going to work out. That is when I lost it. Those feeling that I thought I had cleverly pushed aside came flooding back. I was all alone. So I started asking questions. Well God why? I dont understand. God I really needed this to work out and now it isnt and I dont understand.God just listened and with the sweetest voice He said "Rachel is it worth it"?Is what worth it? Rachel all this time you have been depending on yourself and looking at what you think you need. And now here you are feeling alone and depressed and I am wanting to know is it worth it. No God it isnt worth it. And now Rachel I think the question really is do you trust me. Trust me with this situation and the one that just happened and the ones to come. God I will fail you. Rachel first of all you are mine and yes you are going to fall but when you do know that I am right there to pick you up and to help you .God am I worth it. Rachel there has never been a time that I have ever regreted having you . In fact it is quite the opposite. So the question still remained do I trust God . And now I can say yes. I do. So now God I come before you now acknowleging my weekness and knowleging my faults and I give them now to you. Lord I know that you can use all situations for good so I am giving you it. I am laying it at you feet. Take it and use them to bring praise and glory to your name.

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  1. Congratulations, Rachel! I am happy for you about your upcoming graduation! I am also glad that God brought you closer to Himself through the struggles that you are having.

    I don't know of anything that I can do to make it easier for you, but I do know that you made the right choice by trusting God with the situation. I love you very much Rachel! I am praying that God will give you the grace to trust Him completely and that He will work everything out for your good!!

    Think of you, praying for you, & so glad that you are my friend,
    Love, Sarah Poss