Thursday, April 9, 2009

So little time

Tick ,tock, tick ,tock , seconds turn into hours and hours into days . Time is one thing we all wish we could stop . My Dad always says that he is going to wind back the clock so that I could always stay little . But one that is for sure about time is that one day we will run out. I just found out yesterday that a friend's brother died in a car crash . So young ,but he is out of time . I was thinking about it and all that is left behind is his memories and the consequences of what he did in his life. So how am I going to be remembered ? How will people see me when I die? I want to to say that I was a great witness ,that everything I did pointed back to the saviour, that I made mistakes but I did not let them controll my life ,that I had a deep love for people and that I had lived my life to it's fullest potential. We are in a race .A race aginst time .The Bible says ,
"Teach us to number our days that we may apply our hears unto wisdom .Psalms 90:12"
So how will I spend my time today? Who will I influence? Today I will be making memories memories that will last through the years but what type of memories will I make ,and what impressions will I leave behind.

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  1. Good reminder, Rachel! So very true... How often I have wished that I could turn back the clock or at least stop it so I could catch up. As we race against time, let's remind each other to make impressions that will make a lasting difference in someone else's life!

    Praying for you! Call anytime! :)
    Your friend, Sarah
    ~1 Cor. 3:10-15~